Lead Acid Batteries

We Recycle Lead Acid Batteries

We offer an easy, effective and compliant solution for your lead acid battery waste.

Disposing of your expired Lead Acid battery needs to be done according to UK law. Battery acid and other components of Lead Acid batteries are toxic for the environment and cannot be thrown away as general waste.

Simply drop them in, or appropriate storage containers can be provided and, once full, simply call us and we will collect free of charge in a matter of days. It’s that easy to make use of our battery recycling service!

All necessary environmental paperwork will be provided, confirming your Duty of Care requirements have been met and your waste has been disposed of compliantly.

Our waste lead acid batteries collection service is available nationwide. Collections can be arranged on a scheduled or on-demand basis – whichever you would prefer.

Why are lead acid batteries considered hazardous waste?

Lead acid batteries contain large quantities of lead, which is very poisonous and could cause significant harm to individuals and the environment. Therefore, they need to be handled differently to other waste.

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